The origin of SWISSCONSULT dates back to 1981, when Josef Bachmann relied on his experience as a personnel manager at one of Switzerland’s largest printing and publishing houses to go out on his own. He decided to supervise only media and created the concept of “industry-oriented personnel consultancy” for the focusing of a consultant on an industry. The advantages brought success… and the circle of consultants who worked together with him according to the same methodology has gradually expanded.

In 1987, the brand name SWISSCONSULT was born and the methodology was formed into a learnable concept. As a result, managers who have been active in an industry up to the level of conducting managerial tasks were able to learn the methodology.

Since 1987, a number of management positions have been occupied by the consultants. In this way, a high potential of experience has been accumulated in the group.
In 1991, the consultants began to work according to a code of ethics.
In 2015, the consultants in Germany formed their own company under the management of Emanuel von Stosch.

Today, SWISSCONSULT is a consultant network in which industry-specific knowledge is provided by and exchanged among individual consultants, along with this knowledge being expanded through effective methods of recruiting executives and professionals. The network ensures that clients receive effective and successful mandate implementation. Thanks to the collaboration between the consultants, the specific knowledge is cumulative. Therefore, even the most complex requirement profiles of the clients can be handled successfully.

Success and failure are the consequence of human action.
Success is the result of humane qualities, thriving in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.
Giuseppe da Silva

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