SWISSCONSULT’s roots date back to 1981, when Josef Bachmann, with his experience as HR Director at one of Switzerland’s largest printing and publishing houses, set up his own business. He resolved to serve only the media sector, so creating the term ‘industry-focused executive search’, in which consultants dedicate themselves to a specific industry. The benefits reaped success, and the number of consultants working with him in accordance with this approach has steadily increased.

1987 saw the birth of the brand name SWISSCONSULT and the methodology being formed into a learnable concept, enabling executives whose careers had reached managerial level in a particular industry to learn the methodology.

Since 1987, the consultants have succeeded in filling a vast number of executive posts, amassing a wealth of experience within the group in the process.
In 1991, the consultants adopted a Code of Ethics.
SWISSCONSULT Deutschland GmbH was founded in 2015.

Today, SWISSCONSULT is a consultant network in which domain expertise is contributed by each consultant, shared within the network, and complemented by effective methods of recruiting executives and professionals. It gives our clients the guarantee that their mandates will be handled efficiently and successfully. Collaboration between the consultants leads to an accumulation of specific knowledge, enabling even the most complex job specification to be resolved for our clients.

Success and failure are the consequence of human action.
Success results from humane qualities, evolving in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.
Giuseppe da Silva

Josef Bachmann
Director of Head Office for all SWISSCONSULT partners
8002 Zürich
Tel. +41 (0)44 202 75 60