About us

We stand for tailored solutions

The key to our success is that each of our consultants focuses on one industry. Each knows their industry, having pursued a career in that field enabling them to acquire experience through to managerial level. Our clients value our expertise and competence in dealing with positions that are hard to fill.

We speak our clients’ language.

In everyday life, people need between 800 and 1,500 different words; a dictionary, though, contains up to 800,000 terms.
Only people whose vocabulary and interpretation of terms correspond can communicate well.

We know the HR potential in our industry.


Succeeding in finding the right fit means looking in the right place. Each job specification has its own range for tracking down the right people. Our industry focus means we always have up-to-date knowledge of where we need to look.

We have an excellent network.

Operating within one industry gives us a vast number of contacts in that sector. Our position of trust enables us to advise high potentials in their careers and interest them in our clients. Sought-after people do not react to job advertisements or contacts of a general nature.

We bring together the specialised know-how of a broad range of industries.


Behind every one of us there are colleagues from other industries. Each on their own is a specialist, but together we form an ensemble uniting a vast array of specialised knowledge from individual sectors, equipping us to cater for special requests from our clients calling for candidates from other industries.

Each of us shares responsibility for the quality and image of the whole.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Meeting the high demands in terms of quality, efficiency and ethics means implementing clear organisational standards and working closely together.

We operate on all hierarchical levels.

We track down and pre-select candidates for all important roles in our clients’ organisations. We don’t just look for the crème de la crème. We see ourselves as an executive search provider for acquiring the most suitable people on the HR market.

We’re on the spot for clients and candidates.


Efficiency is the result of permanent contact. That’s why we spend a lot of time out and about. Talking to people is important and culminates in success; expensive addresses and outlay for prestige less so.