About us

We stand for precision work.
Our recipe for success: every consultant concentrates on one sector. Everyone knows their sector as a result of their personal experience and career –including management tasks. Our clients appreciate our specialist knowledge and expertise in taking care of the work involved in filling difficult positions.
We speak our clients’ language.
People need between 800 and 1,500 different words on a daily basis. But a dictionary contains up to 800,000 terms. People can only communicate well if their vocabularies and word interpretations harmonise.
We know the human resources potential our sectors hold.


Successfully finding the right fit means searching in the right place. Every requirements profile has its own search field. Our sector orientation permanently yields the latest findings from the search fields.
We are interconnected.
Because each of us only moves in one sector, we have many contacts there. Our position of trust enables us to advise ‘high potentials’ about their careers and pique their interest in our clients. People who are in demand do not react to advertisements or generally phrased appeals.
We unite the specialist knowledge of many sectors.


Colleagues from other sectors are behind each of us. Of course they are experts in their own right, but together we are an orchestra that unites a wealth of special knowledge about individual sectors. Consequently, we are equipped for our clients’ special wishes when they require candidates from other sectors.
We are all responsible for the quality and image of our organisation.
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Clear organisational specifications and close collaboration are required in order to adhere to the high standards of quality, efficiency and ethics.
We support all hierarchical levels.
We take on the candidate search and pre-selection phases for all of our clients’ key positions. We do not concentrate exclusively on the “crème de la crème”. We consider ourselves a service provider for recruiting to acquire the most suitable people in the human resources market.
We are there for both clients and candidates.


Efficiency is the result of ongoing contact. This is why we travel a lot. Meetings are important and lead to success; expensive offices and paying for prestige are less productive.